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Patek Philippe Repair

As Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe explains: “At our family-owned watch company, we believe the skills required to service, repair and restore our watches are much the same as those required to make one. Which is why we insist this is only carried out by authorized watchmakers, trained by Patek Philippe.”

A Patek Philippe watch is an investment we trust will be enjoyed by future generations. In order to safeguard the integrity and longevity of your investment, commitment is required not just from Patek Philippe, but also from the watch owner.

Complete Service:

Movement Service: Complete dismantling, complete component check, replacement of faulty pieces, reassembling, oiling, adjusting, dial/hand setting and complete tests.

Case Service: Change all gaskets, check air-resistance, water-resistance (for certain watchcases), and carry out necessary repairs.

Where repair work is required, the utmost care is taken to provide the best outcome through the dozens of often complex stages involved in the process. The specialist role of the watchmaker at the beginning of this process is crucial as it is their diagnosis that will ascertain exactly what is required in terms of repair. Time is required for each of these important operations, but this is a necessary and understandable result of the rigorous procedures carried out – including six different quality controls and a final test that may last up to 14 days. When the work has been completed to our satisfaction, a 12 month guarantee is provided.


All our vintage watches (over 35 years old) and complicated watches (both antique and modern) are serviced exclusively in Geneva.


Patek Philippe archives extensive records of almost every watch it has produced – a very significant part of long-term service. Millions of parts and components dating back to 1839 are also archived ensuring historically appropriate replacements.